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Fighting with you,

Fighting for you.

We believe that every Veteran who is eligible for a benefit should be receiving that benefit. It’s that simple. Sometimes a Veteran isn’t receiving a benefit simply because they don’t know about it. Other times, Veterans don’t apply for a benefit because they think that they don’t deserve it or that someone else deserves it more. Usually, though, it's because the VA missed an important piece of information and denied the Veteran's claim.

Veteran's claim.

Nothing gives us more joy than getting a Veteran the benefits he or she has deserved all along by convincing the VA that they made a mistake. This is our mission--clearing a path through the VA's red tape, fixing the VA's mistakes, and winning for our clients.

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By Veterans. For Veterans.

Daniel A. Shawl

Managing Member

Julius Pulley

Staff Attorney


“Navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs claim and appeal process was complicated and frustrating as I struggled unsuccessfully for over 9 years with the system... It was 18 months from the time I met Dan to when my claim was granted. Dan collected and submitted critical information for my case, accompanied me to a hearing in Detroit, and represented me with the utmost respect and wisdom before a judge with convincing opening and closing statements. My claim was granted and has changed my life. If it had not been for Dan, I would have given up.” 

—  Walter B.

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Estate Planning
Civil Litigation
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Property Law
Business Law
Family Law

Social Security Disability
2nd Amendment and
Firearm Law

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